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10-16-2003-Thursday(36745) - Academic Accommodations...

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Unformatted text preview: Academic Accommodations Office Building 01—2310 475-2023 ' [email protected] _ I Cover Sheet / Date mimic) Fall 20031 Pages ' Course Number:F00333404 Course Name'lComputer Science 4 Professor Name:igl ’ ' Bayer“? fl"— F r r Meeting Time." 3 335091“, Meeting Place: 70-2690 Notetaker: {Karol I I {Pietrzak Handouts (Please remove staples from handouts before submitting them) Is there new additional information written on the handout ? Yes No Is the handout double sided? Yes No Other instructions about handout : - . W Homework and Announcements Abbreviations Used Wmmuwmaw,WNWMWWVWMWW“MM,” wvumam.MWM-r mm WWWWWWW WWW W W q, M WWW W WWWWdWmW W w.” w “WWMW W WMMVWMM M M W N "M WM 0“ WMM WWW“ mm mm W WWW W W m w Wm mm» WWW WW AWW mm mm MWWWW m mm W W MN mm W mm W W W W WW WWW W WWWWW w W WWW W... (W m, M WMMWM WWW» WWW M” WMM W w M WWWMMWW m M,WWWWWWNM WWW w W WW- M MW“ “W‘wmw mm m mwmm WWW Mm “MWWWWWW mm W»- Student(s) receiving notes: MA 9506 I Cowpadw Sckcnce ‘-l mks/03 -_..___...._._.___.._.~M..‘ . . M . . *__.__W_~M_Nu_v~_.____...__.._ ______ MM“ __._A._...__..__V : REM_-§m_3§3.;yo'm’m Mud be «New by Owen ____ «Wmmpflmvflggmfli‘lwgigmmw01);}ifiLmflkymmmmwmwww.m, - WWW Wmm {ijLQflMffié} MMMMMM “Jimfliji’M‘fllm .455 WHO") 'adS/feclS/Mshs ._ W... .. ............. M we . ___.. - smavTMwWW -_fiifl-flflbflfi.jbmgm' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ www- - ._ 7 NOTE: 31L M33 gnaw-:dezzafl w W 9:451?“ _ W ~...m~._uw..~m~w.4__ww« ____ .Mmmmm-m..—.~M...~W_..L___uv ..................... _. § ~+_a\= 2a-+o_ dv w:2my;a:mgflmggiaagglg;._M_-_ ________________ W. mummmémmm/MLMJQLEWMW U“ Qnmgifim-LWMWW“mwwrwnw ...
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10-16-2003-Thursday(36745) - Academic Accommodations...

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