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SPARC Architecture, Assembly Language Programming, and C (2nd Edition)

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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon CSE 30 Final Review One 8.5"x11" sheet of paper hand written using both sides. BRING ID No calculators. Read Ch. 1 - 14 in textbook Review all Programming Assignments C, SPARC Assembly, command line args, errno, functions used in PAs including perror(), strtol(), fopen(), fclose(), strtok(), qsort(), fgets(), printf(), fprintf(), strncpy()/memcpy(), strlen(), strchr(), malloc()/calloc()/realloc(), free(), getopt(), strcmp()/strncmp(), stat(), fread()/fwrite(), bsearch(), . .. Review the Midterm and all Quizzes (and Sample Exercises) Everything from the Midterm Review material Stack/Local Variables 1-d arrays, 2-d arrays, 3-d arrays storage map equations (a[i], a[i][j], a[i][j][k]) traversing with a ptr vs. array indexing structures and unions structure padding/internal alignment Subroutines Open subroutines Closed subroutines Recursion! Stack Frames local variables system-specific bookkeeping parameters Typical CISC calling convention SPARC architecture features
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