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Lauren Allen Monday at 6 Due April 2, 2007 Systematics Pre-lab 1. Taxonomy is a subdivision of the biological sciences that identifies and names organisms. 2. They were first differentiated by the fact that birds have feathers, reptiles have scales, and mammals have hair. For example, all mammals are in the Class “Mamalia”, Phylum “Chordata”, and Kingdom “Animalia” and from there they split to become more specific. All birds, mammals, and reptiles however are united high up in the taxon (none are prokaryotic). 3. A primitive character is a characteristic that both the ancestors and the members of its group have in common. In this case, the ancestors of the mammals, birds, the reptiles, and the mammals, birds, and reptiles all have the amniotic egg in common with each other. 4. A primitive character that is found in birds, mammals, and reptiles is the amniotic egg. 5. A derived character is a characteristic that is found only in a certain lineage within a group. It is a characteristic that not every group has and that may have evolved. 6.
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