soph prof3 - accelerando A2/a due ad libitum adagio agitato...

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accelerando becoming faster A2/a due ad libitum performer may use a tempo or expression that suits them adagio slow, leisurely agitato agitated or restless alla breve cut time or in 2 allargando broadening, becoming slower allegretto quite lively, moderately fast (faster than andante and slower than allegro) allegro lively, brisk, rapid, quick allmahlich gradually amoroso loving, affectionate andante moderately slow (between adagio and allegro) andantino a little slower than andante animato/anime/animando becoming animated, imlies increasingly rapid tempo a piacere "as you please" free in tempo and dynamics aperto open, w/o a mute, unstopped notes appasionato passionately assai very fast a tempo "in time" usually the orginial tempo attacca begin what follows w/o a break ausdrucksvoll expressively avec "with" ben/bene "well" / "much" bewegt moved, agitated blechblaser bravura boldness, spirit, brilliance breit(er) broadly brill(i)ante brillant, showy, sparkling brio with livelyness and spirited cadenza/kadenz a virtuositic passage near the end of a concerto movement or an aria calando decreasing, growing softer and slower cantabile in a singing style cedez yield, slow down col/colla with, with the come "as" or "like" come prima "as at first" to be performed like it was the first time comodo easy, leisurely, at a convient pace con "with" cor/corno a horn crescendo growing/increasing - gradually getting louder
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This note was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course MUSC 173 taught by Professor Fairfield during the Spring '08 term at Northern Illinois University.

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soph prof3 - accelerando A2/a due ad libitum adagio agitato...

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