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Lauren Allen Intro. To Film Pulp Fiction Audience Manipulation On October 14, 1994 Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction was released into theatres in the United States. The movie begins with two lovers sitting at breakfast. Within the few minutes they are on screen, the audience discovers their plan to rob the diner at which they are sitting. The two then get up, pull out their guns and begin to execute their plan. The screen freezes and rolls the opening credits and then flips to Samuel L. Jackson (Jules) and John Travolta (Vincent) sitting in a car talking about what the McDonald’s Quarter Pounders are called in Amsterdam – the people in the audience push the opening scene to the back of their minds. Throughout the movie there are certain characters, certain experiences, and certain scenes suited for particular audience members. Each person brings her own experiences and ways of thinking into the film and therefore each person leaves with her own experience of the film and her own thoughts about it. Vincent and Jules’s small talk car conversation follows them through an apartment building, where the subject has changed to their boss and his wife. Vincent may at first seem witty to the audience, perhaps a few people feel as though they can relate to him or are fond of him. The two enter into an apartment where there are several men sitting - and one of the men, after a long speech and a quote from Ezekiel on Jules’s part, is shown being shot dead.
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The camera then jumps again, this time to Bruce Willis (Butch) talking to the duo’s boss, Marsellus Wallace. He makes a deal to purposefully lose a boxing match and takes a seat at the bar where he calls Vincent a friend; Vincent retorts with rudeness and claims not to be his friend. Vincent is then greeted welcomingly by his boss, although
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Pulp Fiction - Lauren Allen Intro To Film Pulp Fiction...

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