Lab 3 - Physical Properties (MP & BP)

Lab 3 - Physical Properties (MP & BP) - Physical...

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Physical Properties: Determining Melting Points and Boiling Points Chemistry 0330 Hikmat Daghestani Lauren Allen 9/24/07
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Introduction The purpose of this experiment was to explore physical properties (the melting points and boiling points) of organic compounds and their relationship to compound purity. Reactions/Mechanism/Theory A physical property is a characteristic of an organic compound that is used to describe that compound and will help to identify it. There are two different types of physical properties. Intensive properties are independent of quantity, such as the color, boiling point and melting point. Extensive properties are dependent on quantity, such as mass and volume. Both of these types of properties are usually measured in units, of which there are two kinds. Basic units include length (m), temperature (K), etc. Derived units are those that are made up of basic units. These include velocity (m/s) and volume (m 3 ) etc. Physical changes may also occur. Examples of this include going from a solid state to a liquid state (melting) and a liquid state to a gaseous state (boiling/evaporation.) When using a Mel-Temp apparatus, a liquid is boiled into a gas and then the gas produced is condensed back into the liquid form. This can be used to determine the boiling point of the liquid. The boiling point (range) of a liquid is defined by the temperature at which the vapor pressure of a liquid is greater than or equal to the atmospheric pressure. Two important uses for knowing a boiling point include the identification of and unknown substance and determination of substance purity. A Mel- Temp apparatus measures the heat of the vapors produced by the boiling liquid and then
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Lab 3 - Physical Properties (MP & BP) - Physical...

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