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CHEM104 Freezing point post lab discussion

CHEM104 Freezing point post lab discussion - Jake Cummings...

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Jake Cummings CHEM104-020L Group 4A TianTian 13 March 2014 Results and Discussion Background/Discussion The purpose of this experiment was to investigate the freezing point depression using stearic acid as a solvent. In doing so, the following equation was used. Using the molal concentration of the solvent, the van’t hoff factor, and the molal freezing constant, the change in temperature can be determined. After finding the freezing point for only stearic acid, and for the combination, the freezing point of the unknown can be determined. Using these values, the freezing point depression can be calculated. This freezing point depression can then be used to solve for m, or the moles of the unknown fatty acid per kilograms of stearic acid. Using this value for m, the molecular weight can be derived, and compared to the list of known molecular weights to determine the identity of the unknown fatty acid. Results A sample of stearic acid, 9.12 grams, was melted in a water bath and then cooled in an ice bucket to determine the freezing point using a temperature probe. Then, 2.00
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