Air Pressure and Wind

Air Pressure and Wind - Northeast in Northern Hemisphere...

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Anticyclone- downward and outward spiraling wind motion (clockwise in the northern Hemisphere) Cyclone- spiraling upward wind motion The pattern of high and low pressure on Earth in generalized belts in each hemisphere produces the distribution of specific wind system Equitorial low-pressure trough Polar high-pressure cells North and South Poles Subtropical high-pressure cells Subpolar low-pressure cells Intertropical convergence zone Winds converge into the equatorial low Trade winds
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Unformatted text preview: Northeast in Northern Hemisphere Southeast in the southern hemisphere Westerlies- wind froom the subtropics to the higher latitude Subtropical highpressure cells Bermuda high Azores High Pacific high Polar fronts ( reigion of contrast between colder air toward the poles and warmer air toward the equator) and the series of low-pressure cells Aleutian low Iceland Low Rossby waves- vast, flowing, longwave undulations in upper air current Jet streams- high-speed westerly winds in the upper-level troposphere...
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