10-27-03-Monday(38421) - Academic Accommodations Office...

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Unformatted text preview: Academic Accommodations Office Building 01-2310 475-2023 - ' [email protected] Wwfl—mfiwfir Notetaklng Cover Sheet 1 Date~L..._21/ Fall 20031 ' . Pages Course Number: 00333404 Course Nameit ience 4 V ' ’0 Professor Namap Days: [1T- ffi- {— r— Meeting Time: 3-3250pm Meeting Place: 0-2690 Notetaker: Karol ' I Pietrzak Handouts (Please remove staples from handoLits before submitting them) Is there new additional information written on the handout? Yes i No Is the handout double sided? Yes No Other instructions about handout : ' Homework and Announcements ‘ Abbreviations Used Student(s) receiving notes: MA 9506 r 777777777 .._W-_'w"'m COMPJfi W‘ Schncc ‘4 10/1710?) NW ............... ,~}_;,9WYL€£}_9£_:..«EX W .............. wijaflh’gzbggjiii‘: “v ~ I Compu‘hv Science H min/o3 _ wMfixifii ml£:;£¥flfiwg-mmww;mwm - . / ‘_ ’Qnto wn NONL _ _ fl _: £139.. w- _ , " N mfii._.99i9b9‘ 81%;ng£US¥2,.,dsmgfiovz gnxlf_jmflm943:,Magnumpsafiiél{$99293 mwjifiigcflgmwwm Y9.“ don}?! WW +9. QE‘DWMMETEZ", lay/biwszggvcgn._r._v:{fi?2_w M - A , H _ _7 n W M fi WW M:kmgvv“mwmmwwwmmmmwmmumm~wmw.. .M y _ ~ h M _ - m A“ M W ...
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This note was uploaded on 04/11/2008 for the course CS 334 taught by Professor Geigel during the Fall '03 term at RIT.

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10-27-03-Monday(38421) - Academic Accommodations Office...

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