10-20-03-Monday(37939) - Academic Accommodations Office...

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Unformatted text preview: Academic Accommodations Office . Building 01-2310 - 475-2023 [email protected] W 312m Fall 20031 Pages Course Number: 0033340 7 Course Namegputer Science H Professor Name:lGeigel I Days: [IT fr— [_ if [— I— Meeting nme: 6:50pm Meeting Place: 70-2690 Notefaker: Karol ‘ [Pietrzak Handouts (Please remove staples from handouts before submitting them) Is there new additional information written on the handout ? Yes No Is the handout doubie sided? Yes No Other instructions about handout : Homework and Announcements Abbreviations Used x mm,N.._.:rika\c;gifigmmmmw mm WWW "" mtmotj «anagram w or; WW“, WWWMWWWWMW www.mwwamwvwwma n-vaA-"M 1:::37}::ff::: W Li: gigging. WWWWWWWWX‘WW WWWWWW"WWWW...”MWWWm,V. Student(s) receiving notes: MA 9506 COmpufiev" 568nm L‘ 10/23/03 Pay. I OH - ivfim rfifimcm *kwnow IVE?“ " rtmgmb‘f‘: Eb\jmo.rB\r;fim works _mmfi4_______ r-Lfi’rmms/‘oolfi l (5‘ -‘ \OS‘TQGMS E ’kmov’ at “me «Log \Ofifwmmmwmm# __ (imam-um _ -kn0w (Y'Y‘OY‘ qu+q5 ("LL ooa \oqd ‘Fqil'eof " Memar ' '- 'IheapJSTaokj ##1chon H m ‘ ‘Funcfion fratva rufihrm {tack ' “m “knew difference \od'wten “tilde/'qu \delcng/ " P“ wiHSee code 'Yhad‘ w (armory Enjohns chad yamwill law, 40 find ’fth —STL acmh'.nof(e., map “3’! Ch) | Z —\<now \now +0 Hurole inn-3A h "'0‘ ma . . ‘ mm +016 - 'tTUa‘M - Tis’r‘m ' _ ‘- um}? ;n+lr0u+lo:1 i5 shim" 425+)“ :know dipfermce; ytqlmivalm I domes ...
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10-20-03-Monday(37939) - Academic Accommodations Office...

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