Latitude and Logitude,earth sun relationship, atmosphere

Latitude and Logitude,earth sun relationship, atmosphere -...

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Latitude and Logitude Latitude: parallel lines that run east-west. Measures North-south. Start at 0 at the equator, end at 90 Longitude : non parallel lines that run north-south. Measured east west, start at 0 (prime meridian), ends at 180 (international Date Line) Degree: one parto a circle, with 360 parts in a complete circle 60 minutes in a degree 60 seconds in a minute Latitude must have a N or S after it Longitude uses E or W Latitude comes 1 st then longitude Parrallels of latitude-111km apart which Meridians of longitude 69 apart at the equator Tropic of Capricorn, cancer 23.5 n and s ArctIc circle- 66.5 N Anarctic Circle66.5 s N and S pole 90 Nand S Earth/sun relationship EARTH/SUN RELATIONSHIPS ** > 99% of Earth's energy is from the sun * these variations cause an unequal heating of the Earth surface which drives the ocean currents and creates wind, transporting energy across the globe Earth Movements Rotation: the spinning of the earth about its axis * 1 turn every 24 hours; defines day & night * Earth turns at different rotational velocity for each degree of latitude; * turns counterclockwise, when viewed from above the North Pole * Atmosphere held by gravity
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* Circle of illumination between area of light and dark Revolution: movement of the earth in its orbit around the sun * 1 orbit every 365.2422 days = 1 year (365 days, 5.8 hours) * moves at ~ 66,660 mph ast it travels around the sun * counterclockwise orbit, when viewed from above North Pole * orbit is elliptical, so at one time of year it is closer to the sun than another
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Latitude and Logitude,earth sun relationship, atmosphere -...

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