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Inuit Art - 3 different realms of existence Natural world...

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Inuit/Eskimos Some don’t like to be called Eskimoes because it means flesh eater in the native language. They are not Indians because they came much after the Indians and come from a different ethnic group, and they are not from India Discussion questions How did the environment impact art, asthetics, and overall lifestyle. They move allot and there is only so much they can bring so each thing has a purpose. Each thing has to ensure future well being Each artistic type item has a purpose, weather it be recreation like a toy, religious reasons such as amulets, clothing such as parkas, and tools Inuit vs. western asthetics Western art is more considered paintings not toys Try to explain the transcendant dimension of inuit art. What does takminaktuk mean? Something pleasing to look at, Beautiful It applies to facial tattoos The women go through a lot of pain to be beautiful to Eskimo standards Is this that different from western perspective?
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Unformatted text preview: 3 different realms of existence Natural world Social world Supernatural world Art connects all 3 realms Gutskin of animals were used to make clothes due to its ability to keep out moisture Throat singing 2 women face to face, where both make guttural noises back to back. 1 st one to loose their breath or laugh looses Newer traditions in contemporary arts for the Inuit Print making Movie making The Fast Runner- depicts a traditional morality tale that was originally a tale passed down in storytelling. The morality tale expresses the danger of setting personal desires above the needs of the group . #(Community co-operatives played in this development)# Hudson’s Bay Company’s role in Inuit art Bought carvings mainly from men because they wanted fur and fish, and they said they would pay them for fur and fish as well as the carvings...
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