Los tres Muralistas

Los tres Muralistas - Lost tres Muralistas Diego Rivero...

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Lost tres Muralistas Diego Rivero Went to art school in paris Vasconcelos wants him to paint murals Went with him to see the real Mexico in rural areas which makes him realize the indigenismo David Alfaro Siqueros Planned an assassination attempt of Trotsky Very political Tried to excite a Mayday riot Dark Jose Clemente Orozco There is a tendency to overemphasize the idea of indigenismo The did represent this, but it wasn’t all they painted Also use the 4 western aesthetic traditions Mimetic- capturing things from physical reality Pragmatic- focus on contributing to society like religious painting Emotionalist- focus on feelings Formalist- focus on shape, line, texture, and color that causes a reacation Jose Vasconcelos Minister of education and instigates the Muralist movement. Gets government to support art Journal 4 Find the jean Charlot murals in campus ( one outside the Fine Arts Building and more inside the Terry college at Brooks Hall. Write your response to your experience in viewing murals. You can write about the mural itself or the reaction of the mural being on campus. Use
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Los tres Muralistas - Lost tres Muralistas Diego Rivero...

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