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Northwest Coast Art

Northwest Coast Art - The Northwest Coast 80 of Indians...

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The Northwest Coast 80% of Indians were wiped out from small pox Through trade Indians were able to get better well made tools and dies Formline Style They use some of the same mediums we do They used stencils to make everything symmetrical Shamanism Ornate instruments In practice and comparison Spirit Canoe Board- Similar to Navajo sand paintings in that it is for healing and it is discarded at the end of the ceremony; however, they were destroyed because they were powerful tools. Crest Art On poles, boats, and items in the house 5 distinct purposes of crest poles 1. Interior house posts that support roof beams 2. House frontal poles placed along the central axis on the outside façade and often containing an opening used as a ceremonial entrance. 3. Commemorative or memorial poles, usually erected by the successor to a title to commemorate his/her predecessor 4. Welcome Figures placed on the beachfront to greet visitors 5. Mortuary poles, made to support grave boxes usually plced in front of a house
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