p.sci - Maddie Bryant Paper #1 Both neorealism and...

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Maddie Bryant Paper #1 Both neorealism and neoliberalism give enlightenment and explanation when dealing with international politics. These two viewpoints give different interpretations of the international system, its actors and the general trends they tend to follow. While neoliberalist ideas do have validity in some cases, neorealist thought has had the most legitimacy in analyzing the history of international politics. To begin with, both neorealism and neoliberalism are extensions of classical realism and liberalism that affirm the basic assumptions of their antecedent. For Neoliberalists, states act on self-interests but cooperate with other states because of constant interaction. As states continue to interact in business and trade their economies become interconnected and dependent on one another, making conflict more and more improbable. Security is also imperative to neoliberalists and to bring security and order to the international system, institutions must be instated and upheld. Institutions also will help regulate state interaction according to a neoliberalist in the form of organizations as well as intersubjective norms on actions. Neorealists have a more simplified view than classical realists about the international system. For a neorealist, balance of power provides structure for the system and therefore influences in every way the actions of states. Actors must compete to survive and the attainment of power is ultimate goal of a state, as Robert Gilpin articulates, “The distribution of power among states constitutes the principal form of
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p.sci - Maddie Bryant Paper #1 Both neorealism and...

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