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Shawn Logue Mus 102 Prof Easley Nov, 10, 2007 The band that I chose to listen to and talk about is, The Rogues and their album, Rogue Trip. The history of the bagpipe goes back far, it stretches back to the beginnings of civilization as one of the oldest instruments created and played by early humans. It is rather skeptical of the origins of the bagpipe, most likely, the music had its beginnings in the ancient Egypt, but there are other theories on this topic. Many historians claim it came from different places, to this day we are still not aware of where it haled from, many theories but no supporting facts that convince everyone to agree about the origins. There are several probable reasons for the lack of historical information about the bagpipes. The band that I selected for this project is, The Rogues.
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Unformatted text preview: A band that I was introduced to from my uncle, Willy, a former bagpipe musician. I always had a great interest in bagpipes; they are often played in my town, Pearl River, and are apart of my family history. The Rogues are this nations premiere Pipe and Drum quartet, which have earned several Grammy nominations for their incredible albums, one of which is Rogue Trip. This band incorporates other genres of music to make for a unique sound, some genres they include are, traditional, rock, bluegrass, and a hint of jazz and new age. The album that I chose from the band, The Rogues, is called “Rogue trip,” a CD composed of Irish music with bagpipes as the major instrument along with the drums which creates a catchy and interesting tune that would grab most people by the ear and hook them....
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