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SPARC Architecture, Assembly Language Programming, and C (2nd Edition)

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Signature __________________ Name _________________________ cs30x____ Student ID _________________ Score: Quiz 5 CSE 30 Spring 2007 1) Which part of the entire compilation sequence clear through to program execution is responsible for: a) ensuring the bss segment is set up and zero-filled ________________________________ b) creating an executable from multiple object files ________________________________ c) translating C source code into assembly target code ________________________________ d) resolving undefined external references with defined global references in other modules _________________ e) getting the executable image from disk into memory ________________________________ f) translating assembly source code into object target code ________________________________ Variables declared to be _________________ will not be optimized by the compiler. List 2 ways/events which would cause a full context switch to occur: 1) 2) 2) What gets printed if the following function is invoked as
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