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SPARC Architecture, Assembly Language Programming, and C (2nd Edition)

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Student ID __________________ Name_______________ cs30x____ Signature ____________________ Score: Quiz 4 CSE 30 Fall 2007 #1. On the SPARC architecture, ________________________ are accessed with a positive offset from %fp. ___________ instruction saves the current value of %pc in ___________. ___________ instruction adds ________ to the value %i7 and stores the result in %pc. ___________ do not guarantee their arguments will be evaluated only once. ___________ subroutine is a subroutine that uses save and restore instructions. ___________ instruction should never have a restore instruction in its delay slot. ___________ subroutine is a traditional subroutine that passes parameters on the stack. Why is it a "bad thing" to return a pointer to a local variable or parameter? #2. Write the appropriate save instruction to allocate stack space for the following local variable . struct foo { char a; short b; long c; char d; double e; } fubar; save ________ , ______________________________________, _________
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