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2/20/2008 Life and Death in Children’s Fantasy and Film There are many different kinds of images of life in child fantasy and film, and such images can be found in multiple genres for multiple ages. o Often there are images of pregnancy and birth Heather has Two Mommies (Picture Book) Wind in the Willows (symbolic, fantasy, young readers) o Often there are images of animals being born Charlotte’s Web (fantasy) o Often there are images of animals and/or children being reborn. Charlotte’s Web (Charlotte breathes new life into Wilbur) Little Red Ridinghood is reborn from the wolf (at least in the Grimm version— fairy tale) The Little Mermaid (dies but achieves a soul and immortality) Pinnochio (Wooden toy into human boy) Toy Story (toys come alive when humans are absent and die when humans are present-animated film) o Often there are images of the new born child/birth of the hero whose quest or struggle is for a new life. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (when Harry is dropped off at Privet drive
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