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3 36 08 - (stereotypical Chinese aspects Emperor in...

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Ashley Bartley 3/26/08 Multicultural Children’s Film What makes a film a multicultural film? Is Pocahantas and Mulan different from Whale Rider and Children of Heaven? (Is Disney’s Multicultural stuff good/accurate?) How can you use multicultural children’s films in class to promote cultural tolerance/diversity? Mulan Shows how in different cultures you must uphold family honor Historical context Different culture than white anglo-saxon (set in china) Language, writing is different. Music is different as well. Chopsticks.
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Unformatted text preview: (stereotypical Chinese aspects) Emperor in place (not president/prime minister) Is it Authentic? No. Ignores certain cultural traditions (foot binding) Conflation of Chinese/asian cultural sterotypes Are stereotypes something that you want to expose children to? Thought processes are what WE would think is appropriate—not that of those in China. Children of Heaven Language, writing, dress, music, architecture, house, way streets/town are built Similiarities btw CoH and Mulan Woman’s roles: oppressed. Shoes....
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