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Brennan Degan Word Count: 1023 Discussions Paper #1 When dealing with civil liberties there are a lot of different freedoms we have to keep track of. It becomes difficult on a case-to-case bases, or more bluntly the “What if?” cases. The issue of virtual child pornography is just one of these cases. Virtual child pornography is defined as illustrations or animations of children below the age of consent performing illicit or lewd acts. There are pros and cons to this case that one has to take into consideration before deciding how they feel about the topic The key aspect of having virtual child porn is as follows, there are no actual living breathing human children involved. An example would but a digital rendering of a child performing sexual acts. There is only a series of pixels or lines that looks like a child. Without an actual child no children can get hurt or become the victims. This is a good thing. Also, the reason I assume that child porn is illegal because of the ill effects on the child not on the viewer. I am basing this on the fact that the child is considering the victim, rightly so, and the viewer gets arrested. Without a child involved there is no one to perpetrate a crime on, How can one say it is illegal to hurt the child? This leads me to my second point, that it could scratch the metaphoric itch that a
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discuss1 - Brennan Degan Word Count 1023 Discussions...

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