Battle Of Stalingrad

Battle Of Stalingrad - Michael Dontis November 16 2007...

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Michael Dontis November 16 2007 History Professor Fabrizio The battle of Stalingrad was a major battle of World War II. It is viewed as a turning point of the war. It is also debated as possibly the bloodiest battle in military history as over 1 million people lost there lives fighting over the city. The German army led by General Paulus was better trained and equipped then the soviet army. On June 22, 1941, Germany and Axis Powers invaded the Soviet Union. Hitler’s motive to capture Stalingrad was deemed questionable by some. Many believed it was because the symbolism behind capturing the city named after his enemy. For this same reason Stalin put everything he could into defending the city. Hitler also wanted to capture Stalingrad because of its trade routes with northern Russia and the Caspian Sea, it also would protect Germany’s southern flank. The urban landscape was an advantage for Stalin’s army because of their lack of mobile artillery; this would make the fighting limited to mostly close-ranged combat and limit the advantage Germany had with its mechanized units. The battle began with the German Luftwaffe (the German Air Force) bombing the city. This resulted in thousands of deaths and turning the city into rubble. A total of eighty percent of living space was destroyed. The defending armies of the city were the Soviet 62 nd and 64 th which included the 13 th Guards Rifle
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Division, used houses and factories as defensive holds. In November of 1942, 3
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Battle Of Stalingrad - Michael Dontis November 16 2007...

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