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Joanne Lehman Literature in Society 26 September 2012 Fences The play “Fences” by August Wilson is a short play about a black family that lives in a big city neighborhood. It is about Troy Maxson, a former baseball player in the Negro League and his family. Throughout the play, one can notice the conflict that Troy causes to his wife, Rose, and his son, Cory, and what results from it. Troy is a very tough love father. He loves his wife and he loves his job, which is a typical husband. This made me feel very surprised when Troy decides to tell Rose that he got another girl pregnant. It seems that after all his hard work to provide and earn the respect of his wife; he ruins it all with one action. Another noticeable conflict is the one between Troy and Cory. Cory is
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Unformatted text preview:the school athlete with hopes of going to college and going pro. Troy feels threatened by his son's future success, so he is very hard on him for no apparent reason. In my opinion, Troy was a beneficial father in the sense that he provided for his family. However, he is not a good father because he did not have the proper relationships with his family members. He turned his back on his wife and slept with another woman and he ruined his son's dreams of playing football. I did like, however, how when people looked back on Troy's life, they didn't have anything bad to say about him.