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Chem142_MolarMass_Report (2) - Name Calvin Wu 0728948 Lab...

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Name: Calvin Wu 0728948 Lab Partner: Jessica Wang DATA AND CALCULATIONS A. Unknown # number 2 Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Mass of flask + cap + air 42.4 - - Mass of flask + cap + vapor 42.51 42.5 42.5 B. Barometric pressure 760.1 mm Hg = 1 atm Sample temperature 100 C = 373.15 K Water (room) temperature 24 C = 297.15 K Mass of flask + cap + water 168.53 g Density of water at RT 1 g/mL Volume of Flask, L 0.13 1. Calculate the volume of the flask.(2 pt) Volume of the flask= (mass of water)/(density of water) mass of water= 168.531-42.402=126.129 Volume of flask= 126.129/0.9973 =126.470 mL 126.470mL x (1L/1000mL) = 0.126470 Liters EXP 5: MOLAR MASS OF A LOW BOILING LIQUID Grading WebAssign prelab: 5 pts This template: 30 pts Lab Notebook Duplicate: 5 pts By signing below, you certify that you have not falsified data and that you have not plagiarized any part of this lab report. Failure to sign this declaration will cost you 5 points. Signature: Purpose and Method Things to think about: What is the goal of this experiment? Explain how it is accomplished. What is the general method (not step by step detailed procedure) that you will be using to achieve this goal? How will you process the data that you record in lab? (What calculations will you use and how do you obtain all of the values to plug into those equations?) (5 points) The objective of the experiment will be to identify an unknown liquid that boils at low temperature using the ideal gas law. Since the unknown boils at a low temperature, a flask will be used containing the unknown and submerged in boiling water so that the unknown turns into gas. The pressure using a barometer will be measured along with the temperature. The volume of the flask/sample will be measured by filling the flask with water and then finding its mass and plugging it into the density
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Chem142_MolarMass_Report (2) - Name Calvin Wu 0728948 Lab...

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