9-18-07 - SOC 302 Professor Fuchs 9/18/07 SOC 302 Economic...

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SOC 302 Professor Fuchs 9/18/07 SOC 302 Economic (British economics; markets and private property) – Philosophical (German Idealism; metaphysics of the subject) (MS) Philosophical Anthropology: Who are “we” as human beings? Who is the subject? -Not: Person but, “Idea” of subject Subject as: Thinking, Knowing Subject: Subject-----------------Object relational Lecture Notes: - The early Marx o Young Hegelians; Marx starts out as a member of the philosophical movement; gradually distances himself from it; economic manuscripts (brought together economics and philosophy) are his attempts at gradually distancing himself from this young group called the young Hegelians; review of what a profession is; the economics of philosophy and the philosophy of economics o Economics of philosophy is the material means of philosophical production; philosophy for Marx is a mode of intellectual work; there are physical workers and mental workers (philosophers); to do their work philosophers need certain material means; the economics of philosophy has to do with the material under which philosophical work is possible; especially when philosophy has become an independent profession (it needs a resource base); in the Feudal age period the resource base was the Church; Main questions: What are the resource bases for philosophical research? Is it closely aligned with the church or with the university? Is it associated with science or not associated with science? The medieval church and the modern universities are different resource bases o Philosophy of Economics: Economics is not a technical field; is the philosophy of labor, of what it means to work, what work is, and how it differs in various economic conditions o So in the Philosophy and Economics manuscript Marx is bringing together something that is not usually done; Markets institute the right to private property;
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9-18-07 - SOC 302 Professor Fuchs 9/18/07 SOC 302 Economic...

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