9-27-07 - SOC 302 Professor Fuchs The German Ideology 1 The...

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SOC 302 Professor Fuchs 9-27-07 The German Ideology 1. The critique of the subject 2. The Elements of Historical Materialism a. Production of the means of production b. Historical and social 3. Forms of the Division of Labor a. Material and intellectual b. The family c. Classes d. “nature” as social, economic product e. Basis and superstructure 4. The notion of Ideology a. False consciousness b. Ideas and interests c. Inflation and Ideology for Marx Not simply ideas or a worldview; rather an ideology for Marx is a system of ideas that is driven by an interest (usually a material or economic) Those who seek to advance the interest do not explicitly name the interest; the ideology presents itself as an innocent representation of reality An ideology views itself as nothing but an innocent representation of reality; objective claim to truth; as nothing but a system of statements about how the world really works; BUT what it conceals is that in fact it is not innocent It is in fact a vehicle which transports a hidden interest; which is hidden in the ideology; the interest drives the ideas; it does so in a latent/concealed way The critique of ideology makes that hidden interest visible THIS is an ideological critique
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Ideological observing is suspicious ideology; what the ideology suspects that the hidden interest is of a class Therefore, the critique of ideology reveals the hidden interests that a class pursues in advocating its ideology; ideological observing is suspicious observing because it suspects that the ideology is not as innocent as it seems since it advances the interest of a class Ideological observing is mutually suspicious; observing the interests that underlie the
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9-27-07 - SOC 302 Professor Fuchs The German Ideology 1 The...

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