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Lyle Garrison E00595644 ACC241 Computer Project Three MW 11:30 Prepared for: Professor Reeves Down Under Products, Ltd. Second Quarter Production Budget Total for April May June Quarter Budgeted sales 46,000 65,000 84,000 195,000 Add desired ending inventory of finished goods 27,950 36,120 34,830 34,830 Total needs 73,950 101,120 118,830 229,830 Less beginning inventory of finished goods
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Unformatted text preview: 12,406 27,950 36,120 12,406 Required production 61,544 73,170 82,710 217,424 Assumptions: Projected finished goods ending inventory 43% of the following month's sales Finished goods inventory March 31 12,406 units Budgeted unit sales: April May June July 46,000 65,000 84,000 81,000...
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