LAB4 - Lab 4: Creating the Work Sheet and Financial...

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Lab 4: Creating the Work Sheet and Financial Statements, Fall 2007  Instructions for Microsoft Excel Assignment #4 (25 pts) This assignment is due at the beginning of your recitation class on Friday, October 12. Students may wo of two when completing this assignment. Names of group members must be given to the T.A. in recitati September 28. Students must work with a student in the same recitation section. Each group will turn in assignment. Each member of the group will receive the same grade for this assignment. Students will complete a 10-column work sheet, and an Income Statement, Statement of Retained Earnin Balance Sheet for the Forever Green Landscaping Company. Problem 4-12A (requirement 2) in the text contains the information necessary to complete the adjustments. All requirements must be completed us 1. Open the work sheet on this file. Enter the adjustments in the appropriate columns. Formulas should total each column. Note this company makes adjusting entries at the end of each month. For each of t adjustments, create a cell comment that explains how the amount was calculated. (Insert, Comment), the explanation. Next, (Tools, Options, View, Comment Indicator Only). Print the comments on a sepa (File, Page Setup, Sheet, Comments, At end of sheet). 2. Complete the remaining columns of the worksheet. Formulas must be used to calculate all of the balan Adjusted Trial Balance, Income Statement and Balance Sheet columns of the work sheet. Remember the work sheet with net income for the period. (Hint! Total debits for adjusting entry column $5,625.
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LAB4 - Lab 4: Creating the Work Sheet and Financial...

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