ACC212 Module 1

ACC212 Module 1 - 1_6 Page 1 Managerial Accounting Prof Ed...

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Unformatted text preview: 1_6 Page 1 Managerial Accounting Prof. Ed Kaplan Module 1 1_6 The major differences between financial accounting and managerial accounting is that financial accounting documents are prepped and presented to those people outside an organization that need information on the past financial performance of the organization in order to judge it properly for investment, loan, and other purposes. Managerial accounting in contrast is presented to those managers in charge of running the operations of the organization. P1_4 Page 2 P1_4 1 2 Paul Sarver started to act in a ethical manner when he debated with the company president on about not reporting certain invoices as accounts payable . Not reporting liabilities could be considered a fraudulent activity which could potentially damage a companies reputation. Sarver did attempt to go over the presidents head and report the activity to other senior levels of management but he was unsuccessful This is ethical conduct but then finally he was beaten into submission and complied with the presidents wishes. I believe that even though he acted in a ethical manner by bringing this action of the complied with the presidents wishes....
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ACC212 Module 1 - 1_6 Page 1 Managerial Accounting Prof Ed...

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