ACC230-Assignment Schedule-After 2nd Exam thru Final Exam-SV

ACC230-Assignment Schedule-After 2nd Exam thru Final...

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Unformatted text preview: NOTE: HW (both non-CengageNOW HW problems and reading assignments) are DUE at beginning of class on date indicated ) All CengageNow HW assignments will close at 10 pm on final due date (can complete/submit at any time before then) NOTE: All CengageNOW HW assignments thru Exam Ill-Final Exam will be open as of 3/23 Recommendation: Do the exercises/problems on PAPER first using the PN text. Then enter your results into CengageNOW to verify your answers and receive HW credit. In total, should not take much more time than doing it directly into CengageNOW, but should help you to understand it better and more closely simulate knowledge needed for an exam Please print the ppt slides and bring them to mega class for notetaking and to complete in class activities (see instructions on BB, Course Materials, Powerpoints) Bring your PN Text/Appendix + Red Company text (+ Ratio Packet) to ALL classes thru Exam Ill/Final Exam Note 1: Quizzes open at 6 pm on Saturdays and close at 6 pm on Mondays (several instructors are in class Monday afternoons, so please contact us by 4 pm for reset requests - if you start your quiz after that time and run into technical issues, we may not be available to reset your quiz if the request is after 4 pm) Note 2: The CengageNOW Study Tools provide an additional way to check your comprehension of the topics covered in each chapter and it may be helpful to utilize them BEFORE taking each quiz. Select the "Study Tools" tab, then select the book image on the lower right. It will open a new page and you select the chapter. There is a pre-test available for each chapter, and, based on the results of the pre-test, the tool will provide you with info related to recommended "reread" topics in PN. If those topics are within our assigned pages, please review those and also review the mega slides/notes for the topic. After that, you can take the post-test to see how you are doing. Taking the quiz after this will hopefully be beneficial. Week Due Date Day Topic Coverage Homework Assignment 11 24-Mar Mon CengageNOW HW (includes Ch. 9: Ex. 9-4, Ex. 9-5, Ex. 9-7, Ex. 9-9, Ex. 9-12 AND Ch. 10: Ex. 10-9, Ex. 10-10, Ex. 10-11, Ex. 10-13, Ex. 10-14, Ex. 10-16) 26-Mar Wed Lecture: PN chapters 9 and 10 C/L, Contingencies, L/T Liab....
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This note was uploaded on 04/03/2008 for the course ACC 231 taught by Professor Levin during the Spring '08 term at ASU.

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ACC230-Assignment Schedule-After 2nd Exam thru Final...

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