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Lit. Terms test for ninth grade

Lit. Terms test for ninth grade - 6 When we read the...

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Name ________________ Literary Terms Test for Ninth Grade 1. ____________ “I have no one to love , Therefore, I have nothing to prove is an example of… a) half rhyme b) feminine rhyme c) eye rhyme d) internal rhyme 2. __________ He did not know I saw And ate the fellow, raw , is an example of… a) end rhyme b) internal rhyme c) eye rhyme d) feminine rhyme 3. __________ In “Daystar” (She wanted a little room for thinking; / but she saw diapers steaming on the line, / a doll slumped behind the door…) housework could be said to function as a(n) a) allegory b) symbol c) tone d) allusion 4. ______________ “Footsteps on the sands” is an example of… a) olfactory imagery b) auditory imagery c) kinesthetic imagery d) visual imagery 5. __________ In “Yet Do I Marvel” Tantalus is… a) an allusion to mythology b) hyperbole c) a paradox d) an inference
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Unformatted text preview: 6. __________ When we read the letters from the boy and the girl, and we figured out the real meaning, we were using the following skill: a) litotes b) meter c) making inferences d) figure of speech 7. __________ I see the black ruins of my life… is an example of a) theme b) personification c) similie d) metaphor 8. __________ If you yell “Nice haircut!” at someone who has gotten a bad haircut, it is an example of… a) situational irony b) dramatic irony c) allusion d) verbal irony 9. __________ When you analyze the stresses and the syllables in a line of poetry, you are finding the… a) tone b) allusion c) motif d) meter 10. ________ When you make a dramatic overstatement, such as “I’m starving!” you are using a) litotes b) figure of speech c) tactile imagery d) situational irony...
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