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My Last Duchess by Robert Browning Questions 1. What was the problem with the first wife? How did the Duke resolve the problem? What can we assume about the Duke’s second marriage? 2. Which of the Duchess’s actions displeased the Duke? Cite specific lines in your answer. 3. Write what can you infer about the speaker, based on the use of the phrase “disgusts me” (ln 38) and his claim that “I choose / Never to stoop.” (ln 42-43)
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Unformatted text preview: 4. What exactly, were the commands (ln 45) the Duke gave, and to whom? 5. What do the Dukes comments about the dowry reveal about him? (ln 51) 6. List your observations on why the Duke is someone who enjoys seeing a wild sea horse tamed (taming ln 55) and cast in bronze. (ln 56)...
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