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SOC 1396-101 Sociology of Race and Racism Midterm Information Sheet Fall 2007 FARLEY TEXT Chapter 1 Orientation: Basic Terms and Concepts Chapter 2 Prejudice: Its Forms and Causes Chapter 3 Reducing Prejudice: How Achievable? How Important? Chapter 4 Sociological Perspectives: The Order and Conflict Models Chapter 5 Origins and Causes of Ethnic Inequality Chapter 6 Changing Patterns of Majority-Minority Relations in the United States FERRANTE/BROWN TEXT p. 144: Brown, Jr. "Biology and the Social Construction of the 'Race' Concept" p. 257: Espiritu
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Unformatted text preview: "Theories of Ethnicity: An Overview and Assessment" p. 337: Grillo & Wildman "Taking Back the Center" Format of the exam Objective Section: *25 questions, a mix of multiple choice and true/false *Each question = 0.44 pt *25 x 0.44 = 11 points total for this section Subjective Section: *2 short answer questions 11 + 4 = 15 points total for entire exam *Each question = 2.0 pts *2 x 2.0 = 4 points total for this section Midterm = 15 points out of total 68 points possible in course 22% of final grade...
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