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Burnout Paradise Contest Goes Live - Burnout Paradise...

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Burnout Paradise Contest Goes Live! By: Nikhil Singh | Feb 25,2008 After seeing the tremendous response we received for our Experience Crysis and PS3 Drake’s Fortune Contest, we've decided to give you guys another chance to win some more gaming goodies. This time around, we're giving away an Xbox 360 Pro as well as a copy of Burnout Paradise! To enter the contest, find and unscramble the code hidden in our Burnout Paradise Review . After you’re done with that, head on to our Contest Page and fill in your details along with the answer . UPDATE: The Contest Page seems to have some trouble opening in Internet Explorer. We request you to either download Mozilla Firefox or wait till we rectify the problem; thank you for your patience. Burnout Paradise By: Avinash Bali | Feb 04,2008 Looks brilliant Seamless online integration Insane sense of speed Mind bending car deformation
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Burnout 3: Takedown was the defining moment for the Burnout series and will be immortalized forever as one of the fastest racers on the PS2/Xbox. Cashing in on the success of Takedown, developer Criterion released Burnout Revenge within just a year but it was packed with tons of new gameplay mechanics like Revenge Takedowns, Vertical takedowns, and my personal favorite, Traffic Checking. Revenge was well received by gamers worldwide but there were tons of people out there who did not like the game simply because they felt Traffic Checking (which lets players ram traffic traveling in the same direction) diluted the sense of danger created by weaving in and out of traffic at breakneck speed. Besides that, the Crash mode wasn’t all that hot since players had to indulge in a crappy little mini-game at the start to perform well. Luckily, the Xbox360 version of Revenge managed to sort that issue out. Even though Burnout Revenge for the Xbox 360 looked mind-numbingly gorgeous running in HD, it still was a port at the end of the day. Luckily, Criterion was already working on a brand new next-gen version of this series, and this time they were planning on going the Midnight Club way – which meant dropping players in a free roaming city allowing them to do whatever their heart desired. Add in the ludicrous sense of speed synonymous with Burnout games and you have one awesome game. .. on paper! Unfortunately in practice, it’s not all that perfect. Welcome to Paradise City! Don’t get me wrong though; Burnout Paradise isn’t a bad game. Sure it isn’t the authentic
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Burnout Paradise Contest Goes Live - Burnout Paradise...

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