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CIRCUIT IDEAS 108 • JANUARY 2007 ELECTRONICS FOR YOU WWW.EFYMAG.COM U sing this circuit, audio musi- cal notes can be generated and heard up to a distance of Fig. 1: Transmitter circuit Fig. 2: IR audio receiver circuit ± PRADEEP G. IR MUSIC TRANSMITTER AND RECEIVER S.C. DWIVEDI 10 metres. The circuit can be divided into two parts: IR music transmitter and receiver. The IR music transmitter works off a 9V battery, while the IR music re- ceiver works off regulated 9V to 12V. Fig. 1 shows the circuit of the IR music transmitter. It uses popular melody genera- tor IC UM66 (IC1) that can continuously generate musi- cal tones. The output of IC1 is fed to the IR driver stage (built across the transis- tors T1 and T2) to get the maximum range. Here the red LED (LED1) flickers according to the musical tones gener- ated by UM66 IC, indicating modula- tion. IR LED2 and LED3 are infrared
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