10 Questions for The Future of Life

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10 Questions for The Future of Life 1) From page 10, paragraph 2: The most diverse species are found in some of the poorest countries in the world, what effect would scientific research and grants have on the economies of these countries if more money was available for funding? 2) From page 25, paragraph 3: With an ever growing world population and resources becoming scarcer in many parts of the world, is it logical to assume that human entrepreneurship will lead the world out of an ecological disaster? 3) From page 43, paragraph 2: Global conservation potentially benefits every human being yet is often ignored as the world continues to develop, are there any economic benefits to a developing nation to conserve if they make no profit? 4) From page 91, paragraph 1: What economic benefit would have come from conserving animals that are now extinct? Would they have provided a long term return for those in the area had they not been driven to extinction? 5)
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