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10 questions from Naked Economics

10 questions from Naked Economics - 6 From page 103...

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10 questions from Naked Economics 1) From page 11, paragraph 2: Why did spending on children increase if they are no longer viewed as an asset to the family and a contributing member but rather as something that pleasure is derived from? 2) From page 38, paragraph 3: At what put does taxation truly begin to affect the decision to work or to stay home? 3) From page 50, paragraph 2: How do you determine who taxes will affect? When implementing something like an SUV tax, would there be exceptions for those who truly need the vehicle or would that be viewed as discrimination? 4) From page 77, paragraph 3: What changes would our economy see if our government was larger or smaller? 5) From page 88, paragraph 3: Would health insurance still demand background information if the program was run by the government and every citizen was included? Would such a large group of people balance each other out?
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Unformatted text preview: 6) From page 103, paragraph 3: Why would a government, like the French government, not attempt to create new jobs or new industries? Wouldn’t this create a stagnant economy with no real growth in the long term? 7) From page 138, paragraph 1: With more open international trade laws and tariffs, could the American economy grow even more by specializing even further? At what point does a country become too specialized? 8) From page 152, paragraph 1: With our per capita income at an all time high, how does that reflect on the poverty level in the country? 9) From page 177, paragraph 2: What backs the US dollar today? What determines whether it is strong or weak? 10) From Page 189, paragraph 2: What effects does globalization have on smaller economies in respect to changing their output or specialization as globalization occurs?...
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