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15 Related to Reading Questions 1) From page 27, paragraph 3: Could a pure command economy work in a more developed nation that had more resources available and a well established government? 2) From page 63, paragraph 1: Why does the government set legal limits on items such as gas, milk and wheat, when they are aware of the consequences? Wouldn’t society naturally work out the pricing due to supply and demand? 3) From page 92, paragraph 4: With huge free-rider programs being funded every year, such as Homeland Security and defense, what effect does this have on smaller scale programs, like schools and road repair? 4) From page 162, paragraph 4: When a purely competitive market recognizes a change in consumer taste, does the first company to act dictate price and expansion or is it a collective effort? 5) From page 169, paragraph 3: By having control over essential resources, does a pure monopoly fall under the same legal jurisdiction if the item being produced is deemed a luxury item such as a diamond or sport licensing? 6) From page 193, paragraph 4: What effect does nonprice competition have on
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