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10 Questions related to Current Economic Issues

10 Questions related to Current Economic Issues - 10...

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10 Questions related to Current Economic Issues 1) From page 15, paragraph 1: What caused the switch to 401(k)’s versus traditional pension and retirement plans? If they tend to only work for a small percentage of workers why are they still in effect? 2) From page 23, paragraph 2: With several “shallow recessions” in the last few decades, how does this affect the business cycles? Do shallow recessions allow the economy to bounce back as much as harder recessions or is there less difference between the cycles? 3) From page 31, paragraph 3: Why were these mega-mergers allowed? They appear to be creating monopolies in our society and can affect new business and smaller business. 4) From page 40, paragraph 5: In organizing migrant and temporary farm labor into unions, does this truly harm business or is it protecting the standard of living in the United States? 5) From page 55, paragraph 3: With the aviation industry ranked extremely low on customer service and experience, and an increase in pricing does nothing to
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