Current econ chapters

Current econ chapters - Chapter 1: "Three largely...

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Chapter 1: “Three largely unexamined myths perpetuate this nonsense. First, the belief that information inherently resists regulation. Second, that the networked economy favors spontaneous markets over slow-footed government bureaucracies. And third, that new technologies have globalized the economy beyond the influence of national government. There is a grain of truth in each, but none of its leads to the conclusion that public regulation is either impossible or undesirable.” (Page 2-3, paragraph 5) Chapter 2: “Until recently, most employees were untroubled by these trends. The market after all was setting new records daily. Quarterly 401(k) statements recorded fantastic returns year after year. Financial advisers assured the public that stocks were and always would be good investments. But corporate insiders proved far less willing to bank on the illusory stock wealth when securing their own retirement.” (Page 19, paragraph 2) Chapter 3: “In fact, Bush was anything but restrained: he soon became the first president in 25 years to invoke Taft-Hartley. Moreover, American workers weren’t dying from “union violence” – although every year 6,000 do die from workplace injuries and 50,000 more die from illnesses cause by exposure to workplace hazards. And so far as anyone has been able to tell, collective bargaining isn’t an al Qaeda plot.” (Page 35-6, paragraph 4) Chapter 4: “The Finance Committee’s bill maintains the current 30-hour work requirements
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Current econ chapters - Chapter 1: "Three largely...

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