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Current econ paper - Current Economic Issues is a...

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Current Economic Issues is a compilation of essays on pressing economic topics. The variety of topics have several different essays and views associated with them and present several different ideas behind issues such as the war in Iraq, welfare reform, oil dependency, labor reform and social security reform. The different opinions presented in the essays offers multiple views on issues that have directly affected our current live. Not a day goes by without some news article or report on one of these topics. Everyone is scrambling to have the right opinion and the right idea to avert any crisis that these problems may and can bring. For most of these topics, the general public often feels that they have no control over the outcome and the decisions are left to the government. However, it is possible to induce political and social reform given the right circumstances. The war in Iraq has been strongly debated since America entered into it. Arguments for both sides have defended their decisions and reasons on why we should be there or why we should leave. However, as the years pass, it seems less and less likely that we will be leaving Iraq anytime in the near future. Economically, the war in Iraq has boosted American spending, provided tax cuts and also increased productivity in national defense. The war is also crucial to America’s supply for oil and its dependency on oil. While the defense budget and research has increased, research for a renewable energy
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Current econ paper - Current Economic Issues is a...

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