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Five Economic Quest

Five Economic Quest - equipment increased stocks of...

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Five Economic/Business Related Terms: 1) Cost-Benefit Analysis: A comparison of all the costs of a project to the value of the benefits of that project. (page 95, paragraph 3) 2) Pure Competition: A condition prevailing in an industry in which there are such a large number of firms producing a standardized product that no single firm can noticeably affect the market price by changing its output; also an industry in which firms can easily enter or leave. (page 141, paragraph 2) 3) Gross Private Domestic Investment (I): Private sector spending on capital
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Unformatted text preview: equipment, increased stocks of inventories, and new residential housing. (page 267, paragraph 3) 4) Aggregate Demand: The total effective demand for the nation’s total output of goods and services. (page 291, paragraph 1) 5) Trade Adjustment Assistance: Supplementary unemployment payments to workers who have lost their jobs because import competition and assistance to firms in shifting to other types of production. (page 427, paragraph 6)...
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