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future chapters - Chapter 1: "Such is the biospheric...

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Chapter 1: “Such is the biospheric membrane that covers Earth, and you and me. It is the miracle we have been given. And our tragedy, because a large part of it is being lost forever before we learn what it is and the best means by which it can be savored and used.” Page 21, paragraph 2 Chapter 2: “In short, we have entered the Century of the Environment, in which the immediate future is usefully conceived as a bottleneck. Science and technology, combined with a lack of self-understanding and a Paleolithic obstinacy, brought us to where we are today. Now science and technology, combined with foresight and moral courage, must see through the bottleneck and out.” Page 23, paragraph 2 Chapter 3: “The prime mover of the incursive forces around the world is the second P in HIPPO – too many people consuming too much of the land and sea space and the resources they contain. To date about 205,000 species of plants, animals, and microbes have been recorded as free-living in the United States as a whole. Recent studies of the best-known or “focal” groups, including vertebrates and the flowering plants, have
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future chapters - Chapter 1: "Such is the biospheric...

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