Gay_Marriage[1] - To break through the political and...

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To break through the political and religious boundaries of the conception that our nation, including Hawaii, has thrusted upon its constituents, an understanding of homosexuality must be made clear. Furthermore, it should be accepted that any differences between those that are straight and those who are gay, lie solely upon the common right to make personal life decisions. Just as some may chose to marry someone of the opposite sex, that same inherent right lies with someone who chooses to marry someone on the same sex. To allow one and not the other is a hypocrisy of the first. Homosexuals are not a minority and should not be out voted as such. With no way to establish a consensus, to define a number, the queer theory destroys the already excepted fallacy that majority rules. This theory exuberates a common sense approach to realizing that sexuality and gender are not as we were brought up to accept or taught within our sex ed courses. Here it is brought to attention the existence of a false dichotomy with in our society. There is no set or defined rules that establish that the biological norm for humans is that man and woman are destined to have sexual relations, or that any other form of sex is biologically wrong. The lines of sexual identity and gender identity are cris-crossed so much that the previous categorization of straight and gay no longer applies to our modern day society. The queer theory establishes the necessity to accept that sexuality and gender are less definable as assumed. This move to specify the differences with in individual sexual identity is a strong contention for homosexual acceptance and the move to establish equal rights for such a group such as
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Gay_Marriage[1] - To break through the political and...

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