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Nake Econ paper - Naked Economics by Charles Wheelan...

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Naked Economics by Charles Wheelan provides a very basic introduction into the world of economics. By relating current events and issues with hypothetical problems, Wheelan presents a balance of ideas and economic policies that are easily related back to the common American. Wheelan addresses a wide variety of economic issues and theories that can dictate how Americans live their lives and how they spend or don’t spend their money. Trade agreements, government involvement, monetary issues, investments, and productivity are all explained and related to every day life For most Americans, trade agreements and trade in general is not a huge issue in their lives. They do not wake up wondering if NAFTA reduced tariffs on imports, or wonder if they’ll need to trade their breakfast for something they need for the day. Trade does occur on a daily basis for most Americans and often is not considered trade. Americans trade their manpower and specialized skills in exchange for a paycheck in which they can exchange for the goods and services that they need to survive and live comfortably. Americans are not self-sufficient; we rely on other countries to provide us with goods that we do not or cannot produce and on other producers to provide the basic human needs of food and water. While America may not be one hundred percent self-
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Nake Econ paper - Naked Economics by Charles Wheelan...

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