Final Exam Spring 2006

Final Exam Spring 2006 - Final Exam ECNOMETRICS Spring 2006...

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Final Exam E C NOMETRICS Spring 2006 Name: _________________________________________________________ Instructions: Please Read before you begin. There are a total of 28 questions. Ouestions 1 to 12 are multiple choice answer problems. Write your answer to multiple choice questions in the first page of the blue book. Indicate your answer by writing the letter that corresponds to your answer choice. Questions 13 to 28 are short answer problems. Write your answers to short answer problems starting on the second page of the blue book (show your work neatly,….please ).
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You are hired as a junior analyst by the east coast chain, Pizza π , to analyze several models for annual pizza consumption by individuals. Consider the following simple regression model. Model 1: E(P) = 0 β + 1 M where P = annual pizza consumption expenditures ($) M = annual income (thousand $) Below are your EViews regression results. While you were analyzing your results you happened to be eating pizza (with extra sauce) and unfortunately splattered sauce on your computer printout. Thus certain values are unavailable because they’re unreadable through the splat marks. Rather than go back to your computer, you decide you are confident enough to determine certain values by hand and a simple calculator. After all, you are a relatively ‘smart’ analyst (even though you’re a sloppy eater at times : -). Dependent Variable: P Method: Least Squares Date: 05/09/06 Sample: 1 40 Included observations: 40 Variable Coefficient Std. Error t-Statistic Prob. C 128.9803 3.728698 0.0006 M 1.457651 0.597385 0.0195 R-squared 0.135457 Mean dependent var 191.5500 Adjusted R-squared S.D. dependent var 155.8806 S.E. of regression 146.8338 Akaike info criterion 12.86519 Sum squared resid 819285.8 Schwarz criterion 12.94963 Log likelihood -255.3037 F-statistic 5.953856 Durbin-Watson stat 1.494713 Prob(F-statistic) 0.019461 1. Determine the standard error for the intercept coefficient.
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Final Exam Spring 2006 - Final Exam ECNOMETRICS Spring 2006...

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