Chapter 18 Lecture 19 Key Terms

Chapter 18 Lecture 19 Key Terms - Chapter 18 Lecture 19 1...

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Chapter 18 – Lecture 19 1. Prejudice – an unjustifiable attitude (feelings/emotions based on beliefs, that predispose us to perform certain actions) toward a group and the people in that group. 2. Stereotype – generalized belief about a group of people. 3. Discrimination – an unjustifiable negative behavior toward a group or the people in that group. 4. Social inequalities – people with more money, status, power, etc develop attitudes to “justify” the way things are; such as slave owners perceiving slaves as lazy, unintelligence and irresponsible. 5. Blame-the-victim dynamic – the belief that it’s the victim’s own fault that they are in the situation they are in. An example would be that if the circumstances of poverty breeds a higher crime rate, someone could use the higher crime rate to justify continuing the discrimination against those who live in poverty. 6. Ingroup/outgroup – people associate themselves with certain groups that are categorized by gender, race, nationality, religion, political party, etc. At the same time, it defines who people are not, so an ingroup “us” versus the outgroup “them” is formed. 7. Ingroup bias – the tendency to favor our own group over other groups. The tendency to disparage members of outgroups and the urge to have our own group be dominant predisposes us to feel prejudice against members of other groups. 8. Scapegoat theory – the theory that prejudice offers an outlet for anger by providing someone to blame. For example, Americans lashed out at Arab-Americans and formed negative stereotypes about them. 9.
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Chapter 18 Lecture 19 Key Terms - Chapter 18 Lecture 19 1...

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