ACC 201 Project 3 Ratio's

ACC 201 Project 3 Ratio's - 3.79 1.98 Asset Turnover Net...

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Financial Analysis Lockheed Northrop Current Ratio Current Assets/Current Liabilities 1.06 0.99 Quick Ratio Quick Assets/Current Liabilities 0.72 0.68 Net Sales/Avg. A/R 8.64 8.47 Inventory Turnover COGS/Avg. Inventory 20.23 21.06 Fixed asset Turnover 9.93 6.75 COGS/Avg. Accounts Payable 17.15 15.06 Debt to Equity Total Liabilities/Total S/E 3.10 0.93 Financial Leverage Avg. Total Assets/Avg. S/E
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Unformatted text preview: 3.79 1.98 Asset Turnover Net Sales/Avg. Total Assets 1.42 0.91 Return on Equity Net Income/Avg S/E 0.34 0.09 Gross Profit ratio Gross Profit/Net Sales 0.10 0.18 Net Profit Margin Net Income/Net Sales 0.06 0.05 Return on Assets Net Income/Avg. Total Assets 0.09 0.05 Accounts Receivable Turnover Net Sales Revenue/Avg. Net Fixed Assets Accounts Payable Turnover...
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