Biology 45- Lecture Notes 15

Biology 45- Lecture Notes 15 - Biology 45 AIDS Fundamentals...

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Biology 45: AIDS Fundamentals Lecture Notes 15 Individual and Societal Dimensions of Living with HIV/AIDS March 5, 2008 Purpose: to develop an increased understanding of some of the challenges faces by people living with HIV and  AIDS through consideration of both social and health psychological research.  Role Theories (roles that exist in life) Help determine our interaction with others Fibers of the social network that connects all of us Link people through expectations Role Expectations (also known as norms) Norms : socially defined standards of behavior that guide individual actions Guide our behavior about sexual encounters (condoms) Cognitive Theories Provide a framework for interpreting experiences and shaping actions Cognitions : mental representations of knowledge or thoughts,  not  feelings or actions Shape our interpretation of reality Schemas : individual cognitions that get combined in our mind; concept of self Reference points for organizing past experiences or interpreting new experiences Templates for activating new ideas (how we think or see something); organize our experiences o Self-Concept- firm (does not change easily) o Self-Esteem- variable (shaped by good experiences and bad experiences) Social Cognitions Based on people, but people change Form a generally balanced and ordered whole Cognitive Dissonance
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This note was uploaded on 04/13/2008 for the course BIO SCI 45 taught by Professor Pickus during the Winter '08 term at UC Irvine.

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Biology 45- Lecture Notes 15 - Biology 45 AIDS Fundamentals...

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