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Study Guide for Test 3 EXE 100 Nature and Needs of Individuals Who Are Exceptional All of the following are from your notes Communication Disorders Definitions of: communication- interchange or exchange of ideas, opinions or facts between senders and receivers. voice disorder- involve unusual or abnormal acoustical qualities in the sounds made when a person speaks. stuttering- the flow of speech is abnormally interrupted by repetitions, blocking, or prolongations of sounds, syllables, words, or phrases. expressive language disorder- difficulty in comprehending what others say receptive language disorder- difficulty in language production or formulating and using spoken language. aphasia- the partial or complete loss of the ability to speaking or comprehend the spoken word. semantics…based on the definition; think of some examples where people who are conversing may have a problem with semantics. Remember the story I told of my son leaving his jacket at school. The definition is the understanding of language. Most concerned with meaning Causes of articulation disorders: Physical malformations, nerve or brain injury, hearing problems, faulty learning. What other ways can people communicate who have severe communication disorders? having the use of certain technology and hand gestures. Can communication involve language but not speech? Yes it can. What are the 3 aspects of language? Form, Content, and Use. Hearing Impairments Definitions of: audiogram- graph off threshold for hearing at various frequencies. audiologist- conducts audiometric evaluations to determine a degree of heating loss. She/ he can prescribe a hearing aid. audition- the act or sense of hearing
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Study_Guide_for_Test_3_Fall_2007 - Study Guide for Test 3...

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